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Aug 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
and against the teachings of islam. however, attitudes are starting to show signs of change. the first islamist school, especially for waria, is now open. some religious leaders have actively begun to accept the waria community. there are an estimated 3.5 million transgender waria people in indonesia. their appeals for acceptance are leading to signs of change in indonesian society. jakarta. the indonesian capital. on the city outskirts is a home and refuge for waria. the sign on the front shows it has official government recognition. the country also began providing financial support in may 2013. the home provides a place to live for elderly waria. currently, the refuge has 7 residents aged between 60 and 75. yotti is 69 and previously worked as a street vendor and had other part-time jobs around the country that provided somewhere to stay. exhausted by moving from place to place, yotti moved into the home for waria three years ago. yulie, known fondly by all as mami yulie, runs a beauty parlor at the house. it was also turned into an open house for waria in 2010. the home is a refuge
Aug 18, 2013 5:30pm EDT
american needs to know about the qur'an: a history of islam and the united states" at the 20th annual eagle forum could be consummate. watch mr. federer now on booktv. >> he's an historian and writer. his book, sold a half million copies. he's published of every american needs to know about the "what every american needs to know about the qur'an: a history of islam and the united states." >> thank you. >> i do have my book as a pdf file that i've given to blake. if you give your e-mail address to her, she will e-mail you the book and i also have books on the table. so the question is, there is freedom for all religions in america, that is islam just a religion? well, we had to ask him who is the perfect muslim? it is obviously mohammed. muslims want to be like mohammed. mohammed goes through three stages. the first stage, mohammed is a religious leader in mecca and only makes 70 cumbersome 12 years and he gets chased out of town. and then mohammed goes to a jewish city 210 mouse to the north cold medina. they rejected his faith and so he goes into the minority neighborhood meetings to organ
Aug 5, 2013 8:30pm EDT
the next leader after kohmeni and when he found out they tortured in the islamic president people were killed with very sorry trials coming he spoke out and lost his job and his been imprisoned most of his life. that is 20th-century politics someone within a breath of being the leader said i could not watch people being tortured and executed and he lost his job i got to know him. but all that is most people have reviewed the book from the "wall street journal" they have appointed more or less to keep their personal views to keep their preferences out of this to look at the shaw with the account. >> host: at the end who was still boyle to the shah? >> guest: at the end unfortunately he did not remain loyal to them. he would be executed by the regime of the military again what is less known is that the carter administration around of member 1970 decides the shah is no longer capable of power since he becomes very active to create the rapprochement of the military and the clergy in to pick the most likely successor said the army chose to realize the american government go bonkers supporte
Aug 20, 2013 10:00pm EDT
they are able to accept it. rageh omaar: this kind of spiritual experience is not normally associated with islam. one muslim group though, the sufis, claim to try to replicate muhammad's mystical experience of god through intense prayer, the chanting of god's name and singing verses from the qu'ran. emre yildirim: when prophet muhammad was saying his prayers, while he was mediating and communicating with god he used to hear the divine instructions and then act, that's why in sufism and in islam, we also try and come close to god. through our rituals we try to be one with him. prophet muhammad is an example of this. whatever he did during his prayers or during his daily life is there for us to take example. rageh omaar: the sufis have developed their own elaborate rituals and techniques and here in turkey they even dance. although there is no evidence to suggest that muhammad followed these rituals, the sufis see him as an inspiration for their spiritual experience. prof. sajjad rizvi: the prophet as a perfect human that's very much a part of theological and sufi traditions in islam. his perfecti
Aug 10, 2013 7:30pm EDT
and i say it without hesitation or reservation. granddaddy of them all and it comes to modern islamic terrorist groups. respond okay, they created hamas, and it's no coincidence that the man behind 9/11 from osama bin laden to the others, before they joined and formed al qaeda. guess which group they belong to a? the muslim brotherhood. ladies and gentlemen, i'm here to tell you that the muslim brotherhood is the gateway drug to islamic terrorism. if you want to understand this mayhem and why we are up against against the wall with the war on terror come along strangle him the existential struggle to judeo-christian, i'm sitting in the capital they do not like like to hear that into this at a premium. but that is what is going on. if you want to understand what we're up against, you have to understand this group. it started with them. it looked to be very politically incorrect and i have plenty of theological emma to back up their ideology matters of fact. so the founder is crestfallen and deflated that the group has collapsed. the caliphate. picture every muslim nation economically,
Aug 11, 2013 6:00pm EDT
threats that we have to deal with if our people are to be safe. one is radical islamic terrorism, which is at our throat right now and murders our people. they wish they could murder as many of us as they could. the other threat is an emerging china that is an incredibly totalitarian powers still. we were promised that they would moderate the rate they still have this horrible dictatorship. they would still make some a threat. we have these threats to deal with. we have this administration. we have many republicans as well pushing russia away, still thinking about russia as it was during the cold war. this is no good for the cause of peace or for us. >> is a possible you are being a little naÏve? russia is hosting edward snowden. the most damaging leaker in american history. >> this is what he did by alerting the american people to over surveillance on the part of our own government, of our population to call him a traitor, he was being loyal to the rest of us by letting the american people know their government was getting out of hand. when our government suggest that it has to keep a
Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm PDT
follow. talks have reached a dead-end and citians will continue even during the islamic feast which indicates that -- and sit insi will continue even during the islamic feast. >> a last warning to supporters of mohamed morsi earpieces the government's decision to rake up two protest camps is final. >> we asked them once more to leave quickly and return to their homes and work without resistance. for those who do not have blood on their hands, the state promises to provide them with free transportation. the cabinet warns against the continuing dangerous escalation and assignment -- and incitement as it threatens national security. it testifies to the great effort put forward by the police during this difficult time, that the nation is passing through. god protect egypt and all egyptians. >> u.s. president barack obama says washington is providing an additional 100 and 95 million dollars -- 100 $95 million in humanitarian and food aid to syrian rebels. it is coinciding with the new contribution that brings humanitarian aid to over $1 billion since the crisis began in 2011. according t
Aug 11, 2013 2:30pm EDT
in egypt. he is devastated that the islamic caliphate has collapsed. what is that? is funny sounding word that every american should know. picture a united muslim state, every muslim nation united economically, politically, militarily, speaking with one strong voice at the u.n. against israel and america, controlling a good supply of the world's oil and, perhaps, if things keep progressing way have been, being nuclear-armed. pakistan, god forbid the iranians. this is what you have been now looking at which is why the muslim brotherhood was founded in their essence to revive this caliphate. this was a great tragedy to islamists far and wide. did they existed for centuries. that's why they were founded. that's what they want to restore from the beginning. i interviewed his grandson. the apple does not far -- fall far from the tree. the title is called a history of violence, not of moderation, not a dialogue and diplomacy. they stuck to it from the beginning. giving speeches inpouring followers to sacrifice their lives. nothing is hire or greater than martyrdom. he in grand this into the con
FOX News
Aug 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
look at it in the short term, mubarak held that country together, held the islamics at bay. and even though the majority of that country, the majority of egyptians oppose morsi an the islami islamics, they've caused that country to go into something like a civil war. >> juan williams, this president supported mohamed morsi, gave him money, billions of tax dollars, they gave him f-16s, they gave him tanks. this is a guy that referred to the israelis as descendants of apes and pigs and was a 9/11 truther. this was a mistake from day one, juan. tell me why not. >> because we were trying to promote democracy. america promoting your values, sean. >> you should listen to what pat said. i think he's right. look what the military is doing. we have to pick sides right now and we cannot side with the muslim brotherhood. >> sean, let me agree with juan to this extent. we didn't give the f n 16s and the vehicles to morsi. he doesn't fly an f-16. that was to maintain our alliance and connections with the military. why do we support to a degree morsi? the guy won a free election. got 50% of the vo
Aug 13, 2013 5:30am PDT
for what it would see as a more progressive, forward-looking tunisia, rather than one dominated by islamic prodigy -- ideology. the ruling party has staged its own demonstration and argues that it is behind women's rights and that for several years women's rights have been clear and it is the moderate islamic party. in the background is the ongoing negotiations which will likely, this week or extra, lead to a negotiated settlement in terms of the opposition's demand that the government should be resigning. >> that is all because of the recent assassinations. assassination, and the most recent death caused consternation, that we think is realistic they will find a similar settlement? >> this crisis has been more severe. fact is anxiety about the that tunisia has a general rebels.of islamic there is a sense of national crisis. meeting there was a and an emerging federation, the political class doesn't seem to get a deal at the end of the day. >> thank you very much for the tunis.from in egypt, supporters of mohamed morsi are out in force. the army is looking to avoid violent clashes after le
Comedy Central
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
center will stand as a one nation candidate at next month's election. >> i don't oppose islam as a country but i do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in australia. less than 2% of australians follow haram. >> or the koran as the islamic text is known. (laughter) >> john: she's not just sarah palin, she's a turbo palin! (laughter) that woman is stephanie bannister, not only does she think islamic law is called haram which is a misuse of a muslim term for simple behavior, she also thinks islam is a country. perhaps in the mistaken belief that the nation of islam is an actual nation. (as an australian) they can dress however they like over there but as an australian i don't want to be forced to wear a bow tie. or as we call in the australia, a twizzley choker. (laughter) bannister has set a new watermark, a new low watermark for electoral ignorance. >> kosher food for jewish australians are fine. >> jews under haram they have their own religion which follows jesus christ. >> judaism rejects yes us is christ. >> australia, you truly are a nation of criminals without
Aug 11, 2013 9:00pm EDT
of political islam in egypt. then former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and donald trump speaking at the leadership summit. >> on the next "washington journal" mat bennett discusses the economy, immigration reform, national security and other issues. then a look at how the healthcare law will affect hospitals serving medicare patients. then the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> the british parliament is in recess for the summer. on monday two middle east experts talked about the future of islam groups and the future of politic after president morsi was removed from power. the middle east institute and johns hopkins school of advanced international studies hosted this event. it's about 30 minutes. >> welcome to you all. i want to urge those in backs to come up front. it's really a great honor to moderate today's panel. these are two serious experts on the question of religion and olitics. the professor of religious studies and islamic law and egyptian law. i asked him just before the
Aug 12, 2013 12:00am EDT
engagement. the other professor will broaden the focus a bit to hal the morsi episode will shape islamic ideology and egyptian attitudes more broadly, and he will also borderseek beyond the and how recent things might affect the policy, a subject which some of you will know we have commented on recently. so without further ado, let me ask professor round to take the podium and start us off. will at the end have a q&a session. >> thank you very much. i think the last time i spoke it one of your events was in november. it was a conference, an annual conference. it was a very different atmosphere and setting.first, i want to preface this by saying that, obviously,events that are taking place in egypt right now are tumultuous. there is a huge amount of personal suffering. we can sometimes seem snide or cynical. these are real people suffering. i would probably choose the phrase of the desolate plans of -- the best laid plans of mice and men as a good way to view the experience from 2011 until today. i am optimistic about the future despite that. let's rewind to the aftermath of this2011 oust
Aug 21, 2013 5:30am PDT
-old divide, political islam and arab nationalism reared its head with almost 1,000 people killed. egypt has long been split between secularists and those that believe that islam is always the answer. >> the violent clashes in kireoo. on august 14, security forces shut down protest camps. for over a month, supporters occupied several squares in the capital and called for the return of ousted president morsi. as the police and army made their push, hundreds of people died in make shift hospitals were overwhelmed. >> we made a barricade. we didn't do anything. we had our hands up in the air like this. why are they killing us? what have we done? once again the brotherhood faced resistance. once again its leaders were in jail. the organization founded in movement who dreamed of creating. assassinating the prime minister and plotting to kill the president. sometime in the late 40's, the brotherhood was officially banned for the first time. nass irremoved the ban and executed one of the leading members. years later when is a dat was trying to -- sad dat was trying to reinstate, he was killed. thus
Aug 17, 2013 10:00pm EDT
years. he was an agent of islam growing up so he has that kind of self-help uplift kind of attitude. he's frustrated by the people who kowtow to orthodoxy. he wants people to live up to their potential so he is perpetually frustrated by his fellow man. he is stoic and he quotes marcus sebelius. he is somewhat for naca or, at least to me. know who you are and let the world figure you out. he is something of a holdover. one of the stories that the book tells that is at times will be on the seven days is about the evolution of islam and while i assume that most people watching if they have a kind of assumption about what islamism looks like they think it's politically and sociologically minded and they think of malcolm x but actually at least in 2006 and 2007 maybe things are changing now but that was kind of a dying breed of the kind that played black nationalists that want to talk about economic empowerment. the dominic kind of mode of muslims at graterford. many identify a salafi and they are about getting it right in getting the practices of islam right. some of these are theologic res
Aug 18, 2013 9:00pm EDT
's in prison for 40 years. he was in the nation of islam growing up. so he has that kind of self-help group uplift kind of attitude. he's frustrated about people who count tale to his orthodoxy. he wants people to live up to their potential. so he's perpetually kind of frustrated by his fellow man to beat he is an estimate and he is somewhat irregular. he likes to say things to me i think he has a lot of these relationships with younger men. know who you are and let the world of figure you out. but he is something of a holdover because one of the story is the book tells that this a time frame well beyond the seven days is about the evolution of islam at the prison. and while i see that most people watching if they have a kind of assumption about what an islamist prison looks like they think it is political, they are thinking malcolm x. but actually that is at least from 2006 and 2007 may be things are changing now that it was kind of a dying breed. it's the kind that lead the black nationalist note that want to talk about the economic empowerment. the dominant kind of mode of muslims and at
Aug 19, 2013 12:00am EDT
for 40 years. he was in the nation of islam, growing up, so he has that kind of self-help group uplift kind of attitude. he is fbuiestrated by kind of people who kowtow to orthodoxy. he wants people to live up to their potential so he is perpetually kind of fbuiestrated by his fellow man. he is stoic. he quotes marcus oreelus. he is somewhat -- hebui my es to say things -- this young irman -- abuiot of these relationships with younger men, know who you and arebuiet the world figure you out. but he is something of a holdover, because one of the stories that the book tells that is a time frame well beyond the seven days, is about the evolution of islam in graterford prison, and while i assume that most people watching, if they have a kind of assumption about what islamic prisonbuiooksbui m, thgu think it's political, sociological minded. think can malcolm x and actually that click, at least inylal, 2007, maybe things are changing no. h-- but that click was kind of a dying breed. the kind of wan ber to -- that played blaonsh nationalist note that want to talk about economic empowerment. t
Aug 19, 2013 7:15am EDT
for the american audience the role of islam and this item in the difference or similar question from is them or sunni or shia influence in the role potential of sharia also in afghanistan, but also the future but in the past. i don't know if you want to take that on, whoever would like to answer. >> what i quickly want to comment on that is we enjoyed a remarkable, remarkable, you know, benefit of our upbringing. actually this was a really a factor at all. we respected to go to each other's mosque and elaborate and talk and respect. but it really has taken a different form. and to be honest with you, a lot of it is again the work of neighbors. i was -- when i saw the neighbors trying to separate the shia from the sunni. it was devastating just to see that. it is all funded by these outside sources. so that, i know there's not enough time to talk about the real details of that, but that's what's happening so is the outside influence, enormous role and there was never a factor in the past. but today, something that brings people together because that is islam and that's the first thing they lo
Aug 25, 2013 12:00pm EDT
claims he did not do it. he is in prison for 40 years. he was in the nation of islam going up. he has that kind of self-help group of lift kind of attitude. he is frustrated by kind of the people who kowtowed to orthodoxy . he wants people to live up to their potential. so he is perpetually kind of frustrated by his fellow man. he is a stoic. he quotes marcus aurelius. he is somewhat irregular. he likes to say things, at least to me. i think he has a lot of these relationships with young men. know who you are and let the world figure you out. he is something of a holdover. one of the stories that the book tells, a time pram well beyond the seven day is about the evolution of the islamic. while i assume that most people watching, i kind of assumption about what it looks like, the thing that it is political, sociologically minded. they're thinking malcolm x, but actually that quick is kind of at least in 2006, 2007, maybe things a changing now, that was kind of a dying breed. the kind that once tough play black nationalist notes of won't talk about economic empowerment. the dominant kin
FOX News
Aug 6, 2013 2:00pm PDT
, islam phobic, and he is trying to educate the world on something the administration says doesn't exist, that we're not at war with radical islam. what's wrong with that. >> coming up on a year since the benghazi attacks. i remember it was on a saturday morning i woke up, i sent an e-mail to greg and another friend and i said i cannot believe the united states of america, that the government is going to try to blame somebody who made a video for deaths of americans in libya. this can't possibly be happening. here we are a year later and he is in jail for unrelated reasons. probation violations and used an alias. it is not that he hasn't done anything wrong, when you've done something wrong you don't pick up everybody on a probation violation put a towel on their head, make them go to jail for the year, not the aclu or anyone from hollywood turned out to help this guy. the other thing you said, andrea, i'll stop there, he said this war, meaning the war on terrorism, the war against the united states and christians does not use weapons but minds. i am talking about how much the world will
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
turned upside down" you spend a lot of time in the book on israel iraq and islam and what if it is and she about is islamism. just go yes, well this is an issue which throughout this book obviously preoccupies all of us more and more and they do think as i said there is a problem here with the islamic world and with the religion root of the islamic world and it's very important to understand i think in all this that when he talks about these concerns and when he's not talking about -- on the contrary just from the point of view of britain there are very many muslims who have come as immigrants to britain precisely because they wanted to sign up to british and western values. they wanted freedom and they wanted to prosper and they wanted to have good jobs but they wanted freedom because freedom is very important to them. the women wanted to be treated as equals. they wanted all the things that we want freedom, cowpeas, security, prosperity and they are not hung up on these religious precepts that are causing the western world so much trouble. the problem is in the islamic w
Aug 12, 2013 12:30am EDT
that reaction would spread more broadly in the islamic world? >> i would say that anything that happens in sinai is its own special creature in egypt. violence there is not related to violence elsewhere. if you look at the beginning of the anti-coup protests. you sell people part of the jihad organization who would just come out of prison in 2011 saying we will reject violence and we are not going to fight back with violence. we are not going to kill people. that is very interesting. there has not been any evidence to contradict that this is the dominant theme and course of action these people have chosen to take. let's say the leadership says, we are going back to clinics and things like that, and they just abandoned the ideological ground completely. now people do not have any ground to stand on except democracy and all its processes have failed. there is no rule of law. the state is legitimate and pakistan is not recognizing the government. african is not recognizing the interim government. they cannot get calls through and things like that. why should we participate within the framework? you
Aug 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
response to islam about's proposal daschle islam -- islamabad's proposal for secretary-level talks. posters in lahore put up by the parent body of the terror group that carried out the attacks in mumbai openly invites people in the media to attend the prayers he will lead. he has been seen addressing rallies in the capital of pakistan. accessed on says it has no proof against him. they arrested him twice after india's allegations, but on all occasions he was let off by the court. in another significant element, pakistan, in his first mission, accepted the underworld man was in their country, but now he has been chased out. the unexpected revelation came when the pakistan prime minister's special envoy for improving relations with india said he was in pakistan, but i believe he was chased out of pakistan. if he is in pakistan, he should be hounded and arrested. we cannot allow such gangsters to operate from the country. now the government is in favor of taking action against criminals who not only affect pakistan, but other countries, whether it is india, afghanistan or wherever. we cannot a
Aug 31, 2013 9:30am PDT
at a pakistani islamic school designated as a terrorist training center by the united dates rebutted the charges and said they had not had a chance to defend themselves against the accusations. the u.s. treasury imposed sanctions on the islamic school, saying it trained recruits and facilitated funding for al qaeda, the taliban, and others accused by indian intelligence of masterminding the 2008 mumbai attacks. the sanctions include a ban on u.s. citizens having anything to do with the schools. the pakistani interior ministry and the army declined to comment , but the school principal said the accusations are totally false. >> the treasury said the shake controlled the school, which was founded as a mosque more than two decades ago -- the chic -- the sheikh controlled the school . he rejected claims against him, saying he was just a regular prayer leader in the mosque who left months ago. >> the united states accuses the school, which radicalize his children, of conducting insurgent activities and training them to become bomb manufacturers and suicide bombers. the nation's collective for the sch
FOX Business
Aug 27, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. and the representative from dado said acting in the islamic world like a monkey with a hand grenade while the russian foreign ministry accused united states to have a groundless excuse for military intervention. china calls it a dangerous and irresponsible it is reminiscent of the iraq war that the united states staged with weapons of massive weapons of mass destruction that was false but the president is not talking about the objective in syria. this is the biggest supporter as ivory and threatens to make israel the first victim of any attack on syria an ed henry has our report. >> as syrian officials uphold it at all cost officials joined that this action is imminent. >> we will hold accountable those who violate international norms. >> two years ago president obama first call for the syrian president to go to although today white house officials declared the objective of any possible military action is not to drive the dictator from power. >> what we are considering -- considering is not about regime change responding to clear violation of the international standard that prohibits the use of chemi
Aug 5, 2013 10:00am EDT
of the best things that can happen to you. professor jonathan brown is a professor of islam and muslim christian understanding at georgetown. his research focuses on conflict between sunni traditionalism -- this session was conceived coup, and iuly did call it a coup. it takes on additional significance with the removal of president morsi from power. professor brown will focus on the muslim brotherhood and the how thisto his ouster, will affect their thinking and how this will affect her thinking about democratic engagement. professor ahmad will broaden the focus a bit to have the morsi episode was shaped islamic ideology and egyptian attitudes more broadly and will take a peek at the reaction beyond e.g. possible or and how recent events-- beyond egypt possible borders. without further ado, let me ask professor brown to take the off.m and start us &a a session at q the end. >> thank you very much and thank you for inviting me. at one ofme i spoke the events was in november. it was a very different atmosphere and setting. i want to say that events that are taking place in egypt right
FOX News
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
and every country we've been at war with for 12 years. >> it's a war against radical islam, is it not? war against extremists and war again against those -- >> innocent people are dying in that process. >> innocent people died on 9/11. 3,000 people. >> absolutely. >> innocent people died that day. >> innocent people. >> you want to make it about muslims -- >> no. >> excuse me. it says that 12 years later muslims continue to be victimized and made to be the villains. who is making muslims out to be the villains? think america goes a long way to distinguish between radical islam and islam. >> are you making innocent americans out to be a villain right now? >> i said america goes a long way to make a distinction between radical islamist and muslims. >> are you veillainiz izizing t with this broadcast. these people are not radical islamists. these are innocent americans practicing their constitutional liberties, brother. >> i think on that day -- what what do you think? >> i haven't met a muslim that isn't offended by the exploitation of 9/11. they call this the muslim march against fear when
Aug 25, 2013 2:45pm EDT
france intervene in mali. al qaeda in iraq did not have a thriving islamic state. they do today. it is challenging again the iraqi government, and spreading. you can go on and on like this. in yemen, they challenged for territory and control parts of southern yemen. in somalia, they have an established affiliate which they did not have on 9/11. when you look at the broader picture and the political game al qaeda is playing, it is a cohesive international challenge. it is not something we can just connect the dots with, and save this group is not al qaeda, and this group is not al qaeda, when they are clearly loyal and advancing and writing for al qaeda strategic goals. basically, when you ask why it is that i think so many analysts have gotten it wrong over time, it is because the focus is narrowly on this idea of a group of super terrorists in pakistan, playing these plots against us. and if they are not part of that, they are not furthering al qaeda objectives. everything we have seen says that is wrong. you can see that most of al qaeda's assets through the years have been de
FOX News
Jul 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
in the florida public school system it raising concerns over the alleged islamic bias. it's been used in ninth grade advanced placement classes in brevard schools. it's under review now. let's look inside the book. you can see on the screen, it has a major chapter on islam entitled muslim civilizations. keep in mind, it has zero chapters on christianity or judaism. it teaches about the prophet mohammed and describes jihad as a "holy war to defend islam." here now with the book in hand and more details on the controversy, fox news radio todd sterns. >> this is it, sean. 36 pages in this textbook daed indicated to islam and the prophet mohammed. not one chapter about christianity, not one positive mention about jesus. they say that some people believe he may be the savior but they declare definitively that mohammed is god's messenger. public school. >> you said defining jihad interpreting as a holy war to defend islam. like they're the victims. >> exactly. as a matter of fact, through the entire chapter, sean, i mean, islam is defended. they talk about how wonderful islam is to women. you mean,
FOX Business
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
elections can be called democracy and we will run with that i think we will find is islamic supremacist will rule islamic countries if we want to enable that it will be the loss of drone influence he will see that country after country. >> and the definition if it is even appropriate such a policy should have a role in the middle east. >> if you empower your own enemies it is your own and doing. >> we appreciate as always. whether they realize it or not the media has declared obama to be any new status next. lou: is in the fourth this day passing on the mayoral candidate anthony wiener let it slip former secretary of state clinton plans to run for president in 2016 here is what he told a busby reporter when asked about his wife. >> do know the role of hillary 2016 campaign will be? >> i dos but i will not tell you. [laughter] lou: why would you take his word on anything? this is not a man who has just one but two texting scandals we do not even know if it ended and he is apologizing for calling his opponent grant paul. i was pulling for the other fellow but he has a record 80% unfavorab
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Aug 1, 2013 11:30pm PDT
on islamic from the ram dan section. and recall-- ramadan and recall that muslims consider ramadan the month of jihad and the month of victory over infidels. crayola should remind kids no to the try and draw mohammed les their parents need to fend off muslim and enter witness relocation. oh, oh t happened. it happens far too you have a en, folks. remember harold and the purple crayon? well they're now living at murray and the periwinkel pencil in boise, idaho. worst of all f there are islamic coloring books, that means there might be islamic kids. which brings me to threat number two, minimuslims. and how am i supposed to stay terrified of all muslims when some of them are small and giggle when you pick them up. i mean this just reminded us that before creeping sharia comes crawling share ya,ed to elling sharia and skipping sharia. soon they're chanting in the streets death to bedtime. finally i don't know if i have mentioned it before folks but i'm anti-bear. not a fan. and recently a hidden wildlife camera in an alberta national park showed us what these killing machine does when they thin
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with our blood, our souls, we will defend islam and with chants like that, many now are saying they prefer mart martyrdom setting up a violent next couple of days. >> as egyptians battle in the streets over their future, we will see who is fighting and what they are fighting for there because there's a lot the stake and a lot of players in this. just months ago the u.s. was embracing the muslim brotherhood backed government. mohamed morsi was the legitimate leader of egypt. our next guest believes that was a terrible mistake because few americans, he says, realize how powerful the brotherhood really is and what their real goals are in terms of the threat that they could pose to western culture and to the united states. we'll talk to him in a little while. stick around for that. >>> in the meantime, i want to get you to the other fox news alert today. an investigation under way into a devastating plane crash that happened this morning near birmingh birmingham alabama's airport. it the plane originated in kentucky and it crashed. look at these incredible pictures. it literally broke in half
Aug 19, 2013 12:30pm PDT
to islam and muslims here who are the first victims. they are inciting hatred against muslims and they're making people afraid of islam and that's very bad for us and is making our lives more difficult. >> in march the belgian government set up a special task force bringing ministries and intelligent services together to tackle the problem of fighters in syria, how to stop the proselytizing, how to stop young people from going to syria and how to deal with militarized young men returning from the war, questions the interior minister was reluctant to elaborate on. >> it's a multi-dimensional problem. it's about terrorism and about public order. but it's also about runaway minors who have been influenced and who have to be protected and brought home. >> local antwerp politicians know many of the affected families. he has tried to take steps bore belgium. >> back in 2007 i wrote a paper with 21 suggestions for what to do about the radicalization of youngsters. one of them was that we should train our own imams. but so far we don't have any such training program. >> she just wants her son
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